NEW ~ Tote bags and Slip cover/totes for your cushions!!

Therapeutic Cushions to Soothe Sore Fannies

 Welcome! We are happy you stopped by! We know how much our "assets" can hurt when sitting on an uncomfortable chair or riding in a car, so we are offering several cushions for people who have trouble sitting without pain. 

Our cushions may help you with:

* Pelvic pain

* Pudendal nerve pain

* Sit bone pain

* Tail bone (coccyx) pain

* Groin pain

* Perineal pain

* Post surgery pain

* Rectal pain

as well as many other causes of sitting pain.

Our US Patented cushions are made in the USA out of high quality materials and are made to last. Each cushion will be custom made when ordered so you can choose the options that will best suite your needs.

Our Twin Cheeks cushion is a fully adjustable cushion that also folds for travel. 

Our Pampered Fanny cushion is our full support flat cushion with a hidden foam cutout inside.

We now carry reusable TheraFlex Hot/Cold Therapy Packs. They are perfect for longlasting relief and they work really well with our Twin Cheeks cushion!! 

Most orders will be sent within two business daysWe understand how hard it is to find a comfortable cushion that meets your needs and we will work hard to get your cushion to you ASAP!


For Firmness Level information and Return Policy, please see our About Us/FAQ page. 


If you have any questions, we would love to hear from you, please contact us.                         


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    Important: We work hard to provide the best products to help you but we are not doctors so we can not give you medical advice about your condition or guarantee that our cushions will help every problem. We will do our best to work with you in choosing a cushion that will suite your needs. Please see our About us/FAQ page for more information. Thank you.